Plant Power

Plants do have power, and that power, when harnessed in the right way, works wonders for our skin and hair.  If you haven’t switched to using plant-based ingredients in your skincare products, you need to keep reading!

Natural, plant-based skincare products are best! These formulations are gentle on the skin, anti-toxic, chemical-free and also, environmentally friendly *claps* (preserving the environment matters!).

Have you ever seen your mother, aunt or, grandmother pick up herbs, grind them, add a few drops of essential oils and apply them on her face? Or have you been told to use raw shea butter as your daily moisturiser? Well, it is important to realise that plant-based formulations have been around for centuries and it is not surprising that these trends are the new, skin-friendly wave to jump on – Mother Nature must be excited, yes?

Our skin is simply a barrier, nonetheless, it should be protected and taken care of, in the right way and with the right products. Not only are these plant-based products rich in vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, oils, and minerals but are very much essential for the entire body - glowing and supple skin, healthy hair, strong nails, soft & moisturized hair. Also, for people who wear makeup, it is important to have a good healthy base so that the application of makeup is flawless and gives a beautiful finish.

The benefits (and power) of using these products are endless but most importantly…..

  1. Restores and Strengthens

The components found in plant-based products are usually full of antioxidants and naturally protect the layers of skin. This prevents early ageing, dull skin and increases the elasticity of the skin- giving a youthful look.


  1. Worth It!

Want a DIY facial toner? Slice lime, mix it when warm water and add a few drops of baobab oil. Plant-based extracts are relatively easy to find and friendly on your pocket. It can be preserved for a long period and with the right research, finding what works for you becomes easy.

  1. Overall Wellness

Choosing skincare products that are plant-based gives you regenerative and healthy skin and also, the eco friendliness encourages the act of catering for the environment – you cater for your skin and the earth at the same time! The natural scents give an aromatherapy feel and you can always have a mini spa day at home.

Indulging in plant-based products and being consistent with your skincare routine produces beautiful results.

You are what you eat, so why not feed your skin with mother nature’s blessings 😊

Ivy, Team R&R Intern



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